Press Release:

AUGUST 16, 2022 - Graphika, the data intelligence company, announces Atlas, a new product on the Graphika Platform that provides intelligence derived from the communities engaged with online conversations related to today’s most pressing topics. The subscription-based product will deliver access at scale to the intelligence and market-impacting topics too complex for most organizations to contextualize or make actionable. 

Since its beginning, Graphika has exposed adversarial networks around the globe and has worked with leading online platforms to tackle malicious information manipulation efforts and preemptively helped Fortune 500 companies contextualize insights about how information and influence are impacting their business.

“Enterprise intelligence and data delivered from Atlas will offer a continuously expanding range of topics, emerging issues, and geopolitical events for the first time. Atlas will help automate the delivery of this critical intelligence at scale for enterprises and agencies tracking these topics that can sway audiences in mere moments with the power of social platforms or online forums,” said John Kelly, CEO of Graphika. 

Example data feeds offered in Atlas include virality within financial services like cryptocurrencies and the spread of detrimental disinformation around elections, climate change, or healthcare. Graphika tracks these communications across its unique network discovery maps built from Twitter data, Reddit’s subreddits, Telegram channels, and other online forums or platforms.

One of Atlas’ first topics to be delivered surrounds the cryptocurrency market. Graphika’s Cryptocurrency Intelligence Feed provides a comprehensive view of the most influential topics and narratives impacting online communities that are moving the crypto markets. A January 2022 report by Chainalysis, a blockchain security company, reported that in 2021, cryptocurrency scams accounted for $7.8 billion in losses, while cryptocurrency theft resulted in $3.2 billion in losses.

The contours of an online landscape that endures these types of hypes, spikes, and crashes define a fractured and ever-evolving conversation. Insights in the Cryptocurrency Intelligence Feed highlight how these communities shape opinions in the crypto world and call out scams and fraudulent activity that can negatively impact investors, financial institutions, policymakers, and the public.  

The Cryptocurrency Intelligence Feed empowers financial institutions, investors, exchange platforms, regulators, and strategic decision-makers with situational awareness and intelligence on:

  • Viral phenomena and new trends before they gain mainstream traction
  • Leading influencers and online communities
  • Developing narratives and essential amplifiers
  • Regulatory, policymaking, and security discussions

“Intelligence like this changes or spreads within seconds across these networks, creating diverse data at large volumes. Traditionally our customers relied on tech-enabled analysis delivered by our team of experts. Atlas customers now receive near real-time intelligence across a host of topics for critical decision-making before it’s too late,” said Kelly. 

In addition to Graphika’s Cryptocurrency Intelligence Feed, upcoming new feeds include timely topics like the war on Ukraine and midterm elections across the United States. Geopolitical issues are fed through Atlas, including forthcoming analyses revolving around health mis/disinformation, climate change, and sustainability. 

About Graphika

Graphika is an intelligence company that maps the world's online communities and conversations. Graphika helps partners worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley, human rights organizations, and universities, discover how communities form online and understand the flow of information and influence within large-scale social networks. Customers rely on Graphika for a unique, network-first approach to the global disinformation landscape.