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How It Works

Understanding Communities
is Essential.

For thousands of years, human civilization has been organized in geographic terrain. It is where countries formed, wars fought, and goods traded. The rise of the networked society has resulted in the emergence of a new cybersocial terrain, which is now the key domain where communities form, evolve, and interact in the 21st century.

Most social media analytic technologies look at online conversation data as a firehose of content and messages in time. But humans online don’t live inside a firehose of content, they live in digital communities – cybersocial terrain – that can be mapped and understood with the same level of precision as geographic terrain. 

The Graphika Platform discovers online communities and leverages data flowing through those communities to understand influential narratives shaping opinions and perceptions across any topic, in any language. 

How We See It

We approach our analysis through the lens of what we call the ABC Framework™, which shapes the actionable intelligence we deliver around a particular topic.


Who is doing this?

Nation States
Conspiracy Movements
Political Groups
Commercial Actors


What are they doing?

Fake Personas
Coordinated Posting
Co-opted Authentic Voices
Manipulated Media
Memes and Videos


What are they saying?

Political Narratives
Divisive Messaging
Hacked Documents
Commercial Spam
Scams and Fraud

How We Do It

Our pioneering analytical technology enables unique depth of insight into the critical communities and narratives shaping online conversation.


Discover relationships among influential communities around a topic using Graphika's proprietary mapping technology.


Scan the horizon for impactful actors, behaviors, content, and narratives circulating through the terrain via AI and machine learning automation.


Investigate significant trends and narratives for a deeper level of understanding, packaged into essential insights to increase awareness, decrease complexity, and mitigate risks for users daily.


Deliver intelligence through The Graphika Platform.

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