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Stay ahead of the curve with real-time intelligence on the social threats that influence today’s financial markets.

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Solution Types

Graphika delivers actionable intelligence & data insights to support financial services organizations.

Trust & Safety

Graphika's analytical engine and custom solutions work hand-in-hand with fraud prevention teams to detect and analyze threats like attack takeover fraud, chargeback abuse, the sale of counterfeit goods, and social engineering scams.

Identification of Security Threats Such as Doxxing, Scams, and Frauds

Malicious online behavior has the potential to threaten financial markets, businesses, and personal security. Graphika’s solutions keep your organization a step ahead of threats.

Crisis Response

Rapid, strategic response during a communications crisis is essential. We empower clients to make rapid strategic decisions about how to best address their audience during a crisis to counteract adversarial narratives, disinformation, brand boycotts, and conspiratorial conversations.

Mis- and Disinformation Detection, Analysis & Monitoring

Financial institutions face unprecedented online risks. Graphika has been on the front lines of the war on trust for years, providing actionable intelligence and data to enable our clients to understand these critical challenges, make decisions, and predict future events.

CEO & Executive Leadership Influence Analysis

Graphika provides deep insights about the reach and influence of key executives and leadership figures, as well as how these intersect with target audiences and other key communities of interest. We also monitor targeted disinformation campaigns targeted at an individual or brand.

In the Media

These Online Detectives Have Raised $300 Million to Keep Lies From Triggering the Next Bank Run

(Bloomberg, Monday April 24, 2023)

The Silicon Valley Bank crisis shows how panic spreads. Companies like Alethea and Graphika are using AI software to fight disinformation. To address this risk, the anti-disinformation startups typically have artificial intelligence software that scours the web for suspicious content. They then issue reports or alert corporate victims about online lies. 

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How Cultish Social Media Accounts Fuel Trading in Penny Stocks

(Financial Times, Tuesday May 18, 2021)

Analysis from social media intelligence group Graphika, commissioned by the FT, points to the likely use of fake accounts by Delarge to boost posts. In particular, it identified at least two clusters of hundreds of accounts — including some using stock photos — that had only been recently created before they suddenly began to follow Delarge at the same time in early February.

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Chinese Businessman with Links to Steve Bannon is Driving Force for a Sprawling Disinformation Network, Researchers Say

(The Washington Post, Monday May 17, 2021)

A sprawling online network tied to Chinese businessman Guo Wengui has become a potent platform for disinformation in the United States, attacking the safety of coronavirus vaccines, promoting false election-fraud claims and spreading baseless QAnon conspiracies, according to research published Monday by the network analysis company Graphika.

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Questions Raised Over Source of Labour’s ‘NHS for Sale’ Dossier

(Financial Times, Monday December 2, 2019)

Graphika, a company that has analysed the document leak alongside the Washington-based Atlantic Council think-tank, published a report on Monday, seen by the Financial Times, suggesting the incident could point to potential foreign interference in the upcoming UK election. 

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How Russian Trolls Are Using American Businesses as Their Weapons

(Inc., Wednesday May 1, 2019)

A co-author of a recent report on Russian propaganda tactics for the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Kelly has become one of the world's foremost experts on the subject.

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