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  • Fortune 500 companies rely on Graphika for sophisticated market research, strategic messaging planning, and disinformation detection.
  • Leading Silicon Valley platforms use our platform to discover and investigate disinformation campaigns.
  • Prestigious universities and think tanks use our maps for groundbreaking studies on disinformation dissemination.
  • Human rights groups around the world partner with our Intelligence team to monitor digital threats targeting vulnerable users.

How it Works

Graphika maps structural relationships among social media actors and segments these complex networks based on patterns in relationships. Our platform discovers how communities form online, and maps how influence and information flow within large scale networks.

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Our solutions are powerful and versatile

Disinformation Detection, Analysis & Monitoring

Graphika is the most trusted brand when it comes to tackling hard and global issues on social media. Our world-class team focused on electoral integrity and disinformation detection works with a broad network of partners to protect societies, platforms, and organizations from coordinated and inauthentic online activity.

Target Audience Discovery & Trend Monitoring

Graphika’s fine-grained analysis engine provides deep segmentation of the key audience around a brand or topic. Our audience insights empower brands to improve their messaging and targeting within their existing brand, as well as reveal key topics of interest that facilitate growth into new audience communities.

Campaign Optimization & Impact Measurement

We help uncover relevant and meaningful conversations that take place in the online communities that matter most. We help brands understand who is talking about them, identify white space where influence can be expanded, and optimize content targeting and messaging to ensure maximum impact.

Influencer Discovery & Audit

Influencer analysis measurements are often polluted by irrelevant and inflated metrics. Graphika helps you cut through the noise to choose and audit influencers with true and meaningful reach against your target audiences. Brands are grateful for budget well spent, and true reach realized in their influencers program.

CEO & Executive Leadership Influence Analysis

Graphika provides deep insights about the reach and influence of key executives and leadership figures, as well as how these intersect with target audiences and other key communities of interest. We also monitor targeted disinformation campaigns targeted at an individual or brand.

Strategic Communications & Crisis Response

Graphika monitors for attacks, analyzes sources for coordination, and tracks the dissemination of information, arming clients to make strategic decisions about how to best address their audience during a crisis.

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