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Graphika is a one of a kind place to work. Explore this space to learn about our open roles and all about the teams that build our platform, conduct our research, support our clients, and tell the world about our work.

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Why Work With Us?

As our team will tell you, there are many reasons people love working at Graphika. Here are just a few that make us unique.

We are a diverse group tackling hard problems with a multidisciplinary approach.

We are changing the world with our innovative technology and analytical methodology.

We care deeply about our people, community, and the safety of the internet.

What's It Like to Work at Graphika?

"I’ve worked at a lot of different places, including a small nonprofit, a large defense contractor and a hedge fund. Graphika is a unique environment because I get to interact with researchers, analysts and people from different backgrounds, not just programmers. We work on interesting problems with interesting people. The pace is pretty fast here and we get a lot done with only a few people — plus, we get that chance to really own our code and the decisions around it."

What's a Typical Day Like at Graphika?

“I do a variety of tasks on any given day. My favorite is discussing problems and solution strategies with my manager, Vlad, the Tech Team and other colleagues. I do some project management for a part of one of our research collaborations. I code to maintain one of our products in production. And other tasks I do, that are more typical of a researcher position, include reading literature, learning methods, learning software tools and finally, performing data analysis and modeling.”

Why Did You Choose to Join Graphika?

"I joined Graphika to lead the next phase of platform development and product growth leveraging our experience in working with diverse customers, unique intellectual property, and deep analytic and research expertise."

Do You Think You're a Graphikan?

Where Can You Contribute?

Graphika empowers the world to understand and navigate the cybersocial terrain. All of our teams support our mission through collaboration, communication and commitment. Learn more about each below.


The Technology department consists of Application, Platform, and Applied Science functions and works closely with the Product and Innovation departments at Graphika. These teams collaborate to design, build, and test features within the SaaS platform. Additionally, the Technology department supports various analysis and research data pipelines and tool development workflows.

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The Innovation department at Graphika consists of Data & Research Analysis, Investigations, Graphika Labs and Product functions. These teams collaborate to provide world class analysis for our clients and partners, working in close collaboration with major Silicon Valley platforms. They also conduct rigorous investigations on global information operations and disinformation threats using OSINT techniques to analyze, build and attribute sets of online assets.

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The Revenue department at Graphika consists of Sales, Marketing & Communications, and Client Services functions supporting all business verticals. These teams collaborate to bring the stories of Graphika’s work to the public, while providing world class service for our clients and partners.

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The Operations department at Graphika consists of Operations Management, Project Management, and Accounting & Finance functions. These teams collaborate to build and optimize efficient workflows across the organization, as well as manage contracts, financial and regulatory compliance, financial reporting, and payroll & benefits.

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The Product department at Graphika consists of Product Design, Product Management, and User Experience functions. These teams collaborate to conduct research and inform decisions to constantly improve the Graphika software platform that drives our cutting-edge in-house analysis, and provides new and innovative analytical tools for our clients and SaaS platform users.

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The People department at Graphika consists of Talent Acquisition and People Operations/Human Resources functions. These teams collaborate to bring world class talent to Graphika, work alongside Operations on employee benefits, and ensure fair and positive work experiences for all team members.

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Graphika Navigator Network

For students, researchers, and analysts interested in the flow of social information online, Graphika’s Navigator Network offers short-term contract opportunities and special projects that support our research. 

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We Are Challenging, Collaborative, Experimental, and Growing.

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