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Solution Types

Graphika delivers world-class actionable intelligence & data insights to protect and empower digital marketing departments and organizations.

Target Audience Discovery & Trend Monitoring

Know your audience to grow your audience. Graphika’s fine-grained analysis engine provides deep segmentation of the key audiences around a brand or topic. We empower brands to improve their messaging and targeting within their existing audience, as well as reveal key topics of interest that facilitate growth into new audiences.

Campaign Optimization & Impact Measurement

We help uncover relevant and meaningful conversations that take place in the online communities that matter most. We help brands understand who is talking about them, identify white space where influence can be expanded, and optimize content targeting and messaging to ensure maximum impact.

Crisis Response

Rapid, strategic response during a communications crisis can make or break a brand. We empower clients to make rapid strategic decisions about how to best address their audience during a crisis to counteract adversarial narratives, disinformation, brand boycotts, and conspiratorial conversations.

Mis- and Disinformation Detection, Analysis & Monitoring

Businesses now face existential risks never before encountered. Graphika has been on the front lines of the war on trust for years, providing actionable intelligence and data to enable our clients to understand these critical challenges, make decisions, and predict future events.

Influencer Discovery & Audit

Influencer analysis measurements are often polluted by irrelevant and inflated metrics. Graphika helps you cut through the noise to choose and audit influencers with true and meaningful reach against your target audiences. Brands are grateful for budget well spent, and true reach realized in their influencers program.

CEO & Executive Leadership Influence Analysis

Graphika provides deep insights about the reach and influence of key executives and leadership figures, as well as how these intersect with target audiences and other key communities of interest. We also monitor targeted disinformation campaigns aimed at an individual or brand.

Detection of Coordinated Harassment and Incitement of Violence

Social media is a digital gathering space with real world implications. Our machine learning and AI detect the key signals of an event in near-real-time, to mitigate risks before it’s too late.

Identification of Security Threats Such as Doxxing, Scams, and Frauds

Malicious online behavior has the potential to threaten brands, businesses, and personal security. Graphika’s solutions keep your organization a step ahead of threats.

In the Media

Inside a Pro-Huawei Influence Campaign

(The New York Times, Friday January 29, 2021)

First, at least 14 Twitter accounts posing as telecommunications experts, writers and academics shared articles by Mr. Vermulst and many others attacking draft Belgium legislation that would limit “high risk” vendors like Huawei from building the country’s 5G system, according to Graphika, a research firm that studies misinformation and fake social media accounts.

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Coronavirus Conspiracies Like that Bogus 5G Claim Are Racing Across the Internet

(TechCrunch, Wednesday April 15, 2020)

In previous research on 5G-related conspiracies, social analytics company Graphika found that the majority of the online conversation around 5G focused on its health effects. Accounts sharing those kinds of conspiracies overlapped with accounts pushing anti-vaccine, flat Earth and chemtrail misinformation.

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How One Tweet Turned Pro-China Trolls Against the NBA

(The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday October 16, 2019)

The Houston Rockets general manager’s account was flooded with comments from pro-Chinese-government accounts that mentioned him more than 16,000 times, according to an analysis by Ben Nimmo, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and head of investigations at Graphika Inc., a social-media analytics firm.

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Why Crafty Internet Trolls in the Philippines May Be Coming to a Website Near You

(The Washington Post, Friday July 26, 2019)

“This is what disinformation will look like in the U.S. in 2020,” said Camille François, chief innovation officer at the New York-based social network analysis company Graphika. Political manipulation, she said, does not need to come from an ill-intentioned enemy state. It can originate with those who have cut their teeth in the competitive worlds of advertising, media and marketing. 

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Bird-Killing, Cancer-Causing 5G Is the Internet's New Favourite Conspiracy Theory

(Wired, Wednesday June 12, 2019)

“It is much easier for people to find that kind of information and find it compelling, and more importantly, find a community around it that makes them feel like they belong to a group of people that have figured out the truth,” says John Kelly, CEO of Graphika.

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Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise

(The New York Times, Sunday May 12, 2019)

“RT successfully feeds the conspiracy-oriented ecosystem,” said John Kelly, chief executive of Graphika, a network analytics firm. “This effort is having a real impact. It’s bearing fruit.”

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How Russian Trolls Are Using American Businesses as Their Weapons

(Inc., Wednesday May 1, 2019)

A co-author of a recent report on Russian propaganda tactics for the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Kelly has become one of the world's foremost experts on the subject.

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How Russia Hacked US Politics With Instagram Marketing

(Foreign Policy, Monday December 17, 2018)

In June 2017, some eight months after the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, Kremlin operatives running a digital interference campaign in American politics scored a viral success with a post on Instagram.

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Russian Operatives Were Promoting Sex Toys on Instagram to Sow Discord in the US

(Quartz, Monday December 17, 2018)

Two reports produced by independent researchers for the US Senate Intelligence Committee show that Instagram was a much more significant tool in the hands of Russian operatives trying to influence US politics than previously thought—and was at times potentially more powerful than Facebook.

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Here’s Proof that Russian-Backed Accounts Pushed the Nike Boycott

(Wired, Thursday September 27, 2018)

Graphika’s John Kelly, Ph.D contributed expert opinion about ongoing Russian disinformation campaigns that helped to amplify the anti-Nike sentiment during the boycott of the brand following the announcement of Colin Kaepernick as the face of a major Nike advertising campaign.

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The Insanity of NBA All-Star Voting

(ESPN, Thursday February 16, 2017)

Graphika sifted through more than 5 million tweets on behalf of ESPN, revealing a number of interesting findings about NBA All-Star voting, including 10 hyperactive bot accounts voting for Kawhi Leonard about 1,000 times per day.

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