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Subscription Intelligence Products Delivered via The Graphika Platform Guide Strategic Decision-Making and Give You the Power to Grasp Online Opportunities and Mitigate Risks.

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Graphika Atlas delivers curated intelligence feeds on critical communities and conversations to help you navigate the digital world.


Graphika Telescope provides customized, laser-focused intelligence on priority topics and issues that matter most to your organization or brand.

The Future of Strategic Decision Making

Today’s organizations must adapt to the complex and evolving online social landscape to make the best decisions quickly. The Graphika Platform delivers actionable intelligence to help you navigate strategically. Through our combination of cutting-edge technology and world-class analysis, we keep your finger on the pulse of who and what matters most to your organization.

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What we do is unique—Graphika’s intelligence informs you about the communities and groups that govern our online existence.

- Jack Stubbs, VP of Intelligence

Some of the World’s Most Important Organizations Trust Graphika:

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