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World-Class Analysts Providing Accurate, In-Depth Intelligence for You

When it comes to understanding and monitoring suspicious activity around your brand or organization, Graphika’s world-class analysts will investigate and provide accurate, in-depth intelligence to help you understand what is happening and make strategic decisions.

Underpinned by Graphika’s Unique and Powerful Network Maps and Intelligence:

Our analysts identify narratives that may hold problematic content, and will provide a detailed intelligence report along with a database of curated and annotated assets.



Graphika’s Comprehensive Reports Help You Answer Key Questions Including:


  • What is the nature of the incident?
  • What communities are participating?
  • How coordinated is it?
  • Are the participating accounts inauthentic?
  • If yes, who is responsible and can it be attributed?
  • Is it impacting or damaging key stakeholder communities of importance to clients?



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You have access to all data insights and Landscapes, allowing your organization to keep a pulse on what’s happening globally and be equipped to make strategic organizational decisions when it matters most.

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Explore Graphika's comprehensive Intelligence Landscapes to start navigating the digital world today.

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Why Choose Graphika

  • Trusted by Global Organizations and Fortune 100 Companies

  • High-Value Intelligence

    Discover, analyze, and monitor the online narratives, behaviors, and actors around a specific topic or trend to help you make informed decisions.

  • Online Data Curated on a Global Scale

    Our platform enriches data from a broad spectrum of sources providing rich insights on the topics that matter most to you.

  • User-Friendly UI Powered by AI and World-Class Analysts

    Insights are quick and easy to access so you can take strategic action. AI-based automation identifies trends that our analysts curate in near-real time.

  • Near-Real-Time Technology

    AI-based automation works on streaming and other data to identify narratives, behaviors, and actors of interest which are searchable and easy to discover. Human analysis packages the automated discoveries into essential insights to increase awareness, decrease complexity, and mitigate risks for users daily.

  • Integration

    Data and intelligence can integrate with existing analytical dashboards and tools.

  • Exportable

    Share insights and data with your team via Excel, PDF or the Graphika API.

The Graphika Platform Has a Solution for Every Size Organization

Stay informed with near-real-time insights on communities and topics that matter most so you can navigate the digital world.


For Individuals, Analysts, Marketers, and Strategic Decision-Makers

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Gain access to the most connected & influential communities that engage & shape topics that matter to you.

  • Access to All Intelligence Feeds
  • Narrative Intelligence Feeds
  • Analyst & SME Calls
  • Landscape and Deep-Dive Reports
  • Network Discovery Maps
  • One-on-One Training Sessions


For Professional Services, Agencies and Large Teams Looking to Transform Data Workflows

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Our comprehensive toolset seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing workflows

  • Access to the Growth Level Features for up to 100 Users
  • Narrative Analytics API
  • Team and Slack Integration
  • Customized Training for Your Entire Organization


For Enterprise-Level Organizations with Multiple Teams and Sophisticated Requirements

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Discover best-in-class intelligence & scalability at top of mind with our enterprise solutions

  • Access to Growth and Company Level Features
  • Community Data Downloads
  • Customized Training for Your Entire Organization

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