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World-Class Analysts Providing Accurate, In-Depth Intelligence for You

When it comes to understanding and monitoring suspicious activity around your brand or organization, Graphika’s world-class analysts will investigate and provide accurate, in-depth intelligence to help you understand what is happening and make strategic decisions.

Underpinned by Graphika’s Unique and Powerful Network Maps and Intelligence:

Our analysts identify narratives that may hold problematic content, and will provide a detailed intelligence report along with a database of curated and annotated assets.



Graphika’s Comprehensive Reports Help You Answer Key Questions Including:


  • What is the nature of the incident?
  • What communities are participating?
  • How coordinated is it?
  • Are the participating accounts inauthentic?
  • If yes, who is responsible and can it be attributed?
  • Is it impacting or damaging key stakeholder communities of importance to clients?



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You have access to all data insights and Landscapes, allowing your organization to keep a pulse on what’s happening globally and be equipped to make strategic organizational decisions when it matters most.

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Why Choose Graphika

  • Trusted by the world’s leading organizations to deliver rigorous, data-driven intelligence

  • Proven track record of delivering impact for enterprises tackling some of the world’s hardest problems

  • Led by innovation and industry-leading scientific research

  • Focused on providing exceptional client service and building lasting relationships


The Graphika Platform Has a Solution for Every Size Organization

Stay informed with near-real-time insights on communities and topics that matter most so you can navigate the digital world.


For Individuals, Analysts, Marketers, and Strategic Decision-Makers

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Gain access to the most connected & influential communities that engage & shape topics that matter to you.

  • Access to All Intelligence Feeds
  • Narrative Intelligence Feeds
  • Analyst & SME Calls
  • Landscape and Deep-Dive Reports
  • Network Discovery Maps
  • One-on-One Training Sessions


For Professional Services, Agencies and Large Teams Looking to Transform Data Workflows

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Our comprehensive toolset seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing workflows.

  • Access to the Growth Level Features for up to 100 Users
  • Narrative Analytics API
  • Team and Slack Integration
  • Customized Training for Your Entire Organization


For Enterprise-Level Organizations with Multiple Teams and Sophisticated Requirements

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Discover best-in-class intelligence & scalability at top of mind with our enterprise solutions

  • Access to Growth and Company Level Features
  • Community Data Downloads
  • Customized Training for Your Entire Organization

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