NEW YORK, SEPT 1, 2021 Graphika, the social media intelligence company, today announced the addition of seasoned technologist Jennifer Mathieu, Ph.D., to its executive team as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Matheiu will bring her experience building robust, integrated, cloud-based solutions to the company as it enables customers from a wide range of customers from Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Pinterest to household brands such as T-Systems, to navigate threats and opportunities in the online world. She will guide the company’s technology vision, continue the evolution of Graphika’s patented technology, strengthen its core products, and build out the company’s team of expert engineers and architects.

Prior to joining Graphika, Mathieu was Chief Technologist for Social Analytics and Integrity at MITRE, where she led the groups’ technical strategy for mitigating online harm, with a focus on the intentional spread and amplification of disinformation. During her 16-year tenure at MITRE, Mathieu built a ‘Social Radar’ after the Arab Spring, led many of the the organizations’ projects for using social data to understand populations using advanced technologies, and guided the organization as it developed processes and standards for using online and social media data at scale to address real-world problems such as pandemic and disaster response, public health, fraud detection, cybersecurity, and more. Previously, Mathieu was a Fellow at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

“In alignment with our product strategy and increasing demand from customers, we are pleased to welcome one of the foremost technologists in disinformation as Graphika’s CTO,” said Dr. John Kelly, CEO and founder of Graphika. “Platforms are fighting daily against information abuse and brands are facing more sophisticated disinformation risks than ever before. The market need for a scalable SaaS solution to counter the disinformation problem has never been higher, and Jennifer is the right person to navigate Graphika’s technology vision to the next level.”

“Graphika has the position in the industry, an agile size, and the experience to make an incredible impact on the disinformation problem,” said Jennifer Mathieu, CTO, Graphika. “The company’s highly-pedigreed team with analysis and research expertise, unique IP, and a diverse set of customers sets it apart like no other in the space, and, I look forward to supporting each as we grow Graphika’s technology.”

Founded on the pioneering work of social and network science scholars, Graphika’s innovative work in shedding light on the disinformation problem has positioned the company as a leader in the space. Since it advised the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence around the scope of foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election, Graphika has exposed adversarial networks around the globe and has worked with leading social platforms to tackle malicious information manipulation efforts, and was most recently named Fast Company’s Most Innovative Security Company of 2021. The company’s patented technology maps complex digital spaces as networks—isolating the distinct people within them and the connections between them—to provide contextual insights about how information and influence emerges and spreads among communities. To learn more about the Graphika team, technology, and contributions, please visit, and follow Graphika on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Graphika

Graphika is the social media intelligence company that maps the world’s online communities and conversations. Graphika helps partners around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley, human rights organizations, and universities, discover how communities form online and understand the flow of information and influence within large-scale social networks. Customers rely on Graphika for a unique, network-first approach to the global disinformation landscape. The company was founded in 2013 by John Kelly, Ph.D., a pioneer in this field and source of expert testimony on foreign interference in the U.S. presidential election before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.