Graphika is deeply committed to doing our part to protect the integrity of the 2020 United States presidential election. To this end, we have joined the Election Integrity Partnership to detect and mitigate the impact of attempts to prevent or deter people from voting or to delegitimize election results.

This week, more voters than ever before will turn to social media for real-time election information, where it is imperative that they are not confronted by election misinformation and disinformation. As such, Graphika’s team of analysts is actively conducting a 24/7 ‘peace room’ in support of our clients, partners and the Election Integrity Partnership. We will work directly with the EIP and social platforms to escalate content that violates community guidelines and will share our findings in real time through the Election Integrity Partnership’s digital channels.

Currently over 10,000 individual jurisdictions administer the United States election without centralized support for the identification and response to breaking election-related disinformation and inauthentic online behavior. The Election Integrity Partnership seeks to provide that support through its coalition of research entities focused on supporting real-time information exchange between the research community, election officials, government agencies, civil society organizations, and social media platforms.

Misinformation and disinformation present major threats to democratic processes and can be intentionally used to discourage or suppress voters, diminishing public confidence in the legitimacy of our elections. As observed in the 2016 United States presidential elections, and in countries all over the globe since, disinformation, viral misinformation and information operations can diminish trust not only in the results of elections, but in democratic process and government at large. 

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Public officials and voter-protection organizations can reach the Partnership at