Identifying Viral Trends Before They Happen


Graphika’s Contagion Monitor™ identifies accounts and topics that are poised to go viral.

  1. Challenge

    Artist and booking agencies need to identify up-and-coming artists ahead of the curve to keep a competitive edge.

  2. Program

    Graphika’s Contagion Monitor™ and analysis were used to:

    1. Identify two mentions with maximum criticality, @thekidmero and @djenvy.
    2. Identify the viral moment that took place when DJ Envy walked off The Breakfast Club after an apology from Desus and Mero (the duo that @thekidmero is part of) for a joke about DJ Envy's wife.
    3. As a result, Graphika began tracking @thekidmero and @djenvy.
  3. Outcome

    Following Graphika's identification of virality:

    1. The duo’s show had a burst of popularity. Desus and Mero then booked a sold-out five-borough tour, and a major Boston appearance.
    2. Desus and Mero's Twitter account more than doubled in number of followers in the last 9 months (from 79K to 184K);
    3. Desus and Mero are clearly growing in popularity and yet their follower count indicates they're still a NYC local phenomenon.
    4. This appears to be their breakout moment, identified by the Contagion Monitor™.

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