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The rise of the networked society has resulted in the emergence of a new cyber-social terrain, which is now the key domain where communities form, evolve, and interact. By layering information flow data onto cyber-social terrain, we deliver dramatically superior intelligence to inform decisions. 

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“Online events have a real-world impact. We use advanced data science to understand the communities that make up the online landscape we all live in.”

- John Kelly, TIME100 Most Influential Companies 2023

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Wednesday February 14, 2024

Graphika Report: Faltering on Facebook, Ignored on Instagram

Examining the Activities of Russian State-Controlled Media on Meta Platforms Two Years After the Invasion of Ukraine

Read the full report here

Wednesday December 13, 2023

Graphika Report: Agitate the Debate

Inauthentic Accounts Pose as Taiwanese Users to Spread Political Memes and Videos Ahead of 2024 Election

Read the Full Report Here

Friday December 8, 2023

Graphika Report: A Revealing Picture

AI-Generated ‘Undressing’ Images Move from Niche Pornography Discussion Forums to a Scaled and Monetized Online Business

Read the Full Report Here

Thursday September 28, 2023

Graphika Report: Rumores Renovables

Analyzing the Online Ecosystem of Spanish-Speaking Communities Opposed to Renewable Energy Initiatives

Read the Full Report Here

In the Media

OpenAI Says Russia and China Used Its A.I. in Covert Campaigns

(The New York Times, Thursday May 30, 2024)

“It suggests that some of our biggest fears about A.I.-enabled influence operations and A.I.-enabled disinformation have not yet materialized,” said Jack Stubbs, the chief intelligence officer of Graphika, which tracks the manipulation of social media services and reviewed OpenAI’s findings.

Read More

Why China Is So Bad at Disinformation

(WIRED, Monday April 29, 2024)

"Spamouflage Is like throwing spaghetti at the wall, and they are throwing a lot of spaghetti," says Jack Stubbs, chief information officer at Graphika, a social media analysis company that was among the first to identify the Spamouflage campaign. "The volume and scale of this thing is huge. They're putting out multiple videos and cartoons every day, amplified across different platforms at a global scale..."

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Explicit AI-Generated Taylor Swift Images Sourced to 4chan Message Board ‘Game’

(Rolling Stone, Monday February 5, 2024)

In findings shared with Rolling Stone, the research firm Graphika said it sourced the images to a particular message board community on 4chan that basically made a game out of coming up with prompts for AI image generators that would skirt safeguards and create graphic images of famous people. (The tech publication 404 similarly traced the images back to 4chan in a story published last month.)

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AI Is Destabilizing ‘the Concept of Truth Itself’ in 2024 Election

(The Washington Post, Monday January 22, 2024)

AI “destabilizes the concept of truth itself,” added Libby Lange, an analyst at the misinformation trackingorganization Graphika. “If everything could be fake, and if everyone’s claiming everything is fake or manipulated insome way, there’s really no sense of ground truth. Politically motivated actors, especially, can take whateverinterpretation they choose.”

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‘Nudify’ Apps That Use AI to ‘Undress’ Women in Photos Are Soaring in Popularity

(TIME, Friday December 8, 2023)

Many of these undressing, or “nudify,” services use popular social networks for marketing, according to Graphika. For instance, since the beginning of this year, the number of links advertising undressing apps increased more than 2,400% on social media, including on X and Reddit, the researchers said.

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An Alarming Pattern: Climate Disasters Hit, and Spanish-Language Misinformation Spreads

(NBC News, Monday August 14, 2023)

News about extreme weather events, as well as media coverage of government policies around climate change, often serve as opportunities for social media accounts that spread false information to become more active online, Cristina López G., a senior analyst at the social media analytics firm Graphika.

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