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Graphika’s analysis and investigations team is a world leader in the detection and study of harmful online networks. Through our work with industry partners, academic institutions, government bodies, and non-profit organizations, we regularly deliver public-facing reports on topics ranging from state-backed influence operations, to violent conspiracy networks, and targeted harassment campaigns.

Monday August 21, 2023

Graphika Report: Summit Old, Summit New

Russia-Linked Actors Leverage New and Old Tactics in Influence Operations Targeting Online Conversations About NATO Summit

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Wednesday April 12, 2023

Graphika Report: Now We Got Bad Blood

Exploring Harassment Dynamics Within the Online Taylor Swift Fandom

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We're the best in the world at analyzing social networks: how they form, how they evolve, how they are manipulated

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Using our unique, patented set of technologies and tools, our Science and Innovation team creates and applies new, rigorous analytical methods to answer difficult questions about online conversations.

Social Network Maps

We use our revolutionary patented technology to map, visualize, and measure social media as a network of actors, so you can discover what you don’t know — helping you achieve, unlock, and activate unknown potential.

Disinformation & Cyber Security

Graphika detects strategic influence campaigns online and at scale by analyzing network anomalies and identifying objects propagating through our network maps with a high degree of social contagion that are likely to quickly reach virality.

Deep Analysis AI

Our deep analysis of network relationships yields highly detailed segmentation and works across every language group, geographic region, vertical market, and business priority based on what people do, not just what they say.

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Graphika is at the forefront of research into advanced computational social science and regularly participates in innovative efforts alongside academic institutions, non-profits, and think tanks.

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We’re obsessed with R&D. We have a lab that constantly pushes the needle of network science. We work with the best and brightest minds in the country, with partners like Harvard, Oxford, and DARPA.

Human Rights and Digital Rights

A lot of our work is motivated by our belief that the Internet should be free and open, and by our desire to protect citizens from censorship and oppression. We work with NGOs like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and others who come to us for expertise and help.

In the Media

Meta’s ‘Biggest Single Takedown’ Removes Chinese Influence Campaign

(The New York Times, Tuesday August 29, 2023)

The effort was discovered in 2019 by Mr. Nimmo and other researchers at Graphika, a company that studies social media. Meta said that it had removed elements of the operation in recent years, but that the campaign had kept returning with new accounts and tactics.

Read the Full Story Here

The Influence Operations Uncovered at NATO Summit

(POLITICO, Monday August 21, 2023)

Two hacker groups were engaging in a disinformation campaign aimed at the NATO summit, with one spreading fake NATO press releases mimicking the alliance’s website, and the other posting documents about the summit’s internal security measures — claiming they were obtained from the Lithuanian government. That’s according to a new report from Graphika...about the latest in a pulsing series of campaigns by likely Russia-linked groups to target European countries with disinformation campaigns to sow discord among the allies.

Read the Full Story Here

An Alarming Pattern: Climate Disasters Hit, and Spanish-Language Misinformation Spreads

(NBC News, Monday August 14, 2023)

News about extreme weather events, as well as media coverage of government policies around climate change, often serve as opportunities for social media accounts that spread false information to become more active online, Cristina López G., a senior analyst at the social media analytics firm Graphika who has long researched misinformation and disinformation in Latino communities, told NBC News.

Read the Full Story Here

AI Rising: The New Reality of Artificial Life

(ABC News (AUS), Monday May 8, 2023)

Graphika senior analyst, Cristina López G. provided expert insight for ABC News Australia's Four Corners reporter, Grace Tobin's investigative report into the misuse and abuse of generative artificial intelligence and what it means for humanity.

Read the Full Story Here

China’s Project 912 Used Social Media to Target Dissidents

(Bloomberg, Tuesday April 25, 2023)

“This activity closely resembles influence operations we see conducted by pro-Chinese actors across a range of online platforms," said Jack Stubbs, vice president of intelligence at the social media analysis firm Graphika Inc. "Those operations are often spammy and low quality, but can flood the information space with content that promotes the CCP and attempts to silence its critics."

Read the Full Story Here

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used to Create ‘Deepfakes’ Online

(PBS News Weekend, Monday April 24, 2023)

As technology grows more sophisticated, so does the potential for deception. Last month, images went viral that purported to show police arresting Donald Trump and the former president in an orange prisoner’s jumpsuit — but they were fakes. Jack Stubbs, vice president of intelligence at Graphika, a research firm that studies online disinformation, joins William Brangham to discuss.

Read the Full Story Here

Why Some Taylor Swift Stans Are Ganging Up On ‘Gaylors’: Report

(Rolling Stone, Wednesday April 12, 2023)

There’s some bad blood in the Taylor Swift community. According to a new report from social media tracking firm Graphika, the largest harassment in Swift fandom spaces is happening between radical Gaylor and Anti-Gaylor accounts online — and changing fandom interactions for the worse. 

Read the Full Story Here

Security News This Week: North Korean Hackers Are Attacking US Hospitals

(Wired, Saturday February 11, 2023)

The videos were discovered last year by disinformation research firm Graphika, which says it is the “first time we’ve seen this in the wild.” The company says it believes the videos were created using a commercial AI video software service, and were low-quality overall.

Read the Full Story Here

The People Onscreen Are Fake. The Disinformation Is Real.

(The New York Times, Tuesday February 7, 2023)

“This is the first time we’ve seen this in the wild,” said Jack Stubbs, the vice president of intelligence at Graphika, a research firm that studies disinformation. Graphika discovered the pro-China campaign, which appeared intended to promote the interests of the Chinese Communist Party and undercut the United States for English-speaking viewers.

Read the Full Story Here

Russian Trolls Made Fake Kid Rock Fan Accounts — and Fooled Donald Trump Jr.

(Rolling Stone, Tuesday December 13, 2022)

RUSSIAN TROLLS ARE taking advantage of the free-for-all on far-right social media apps to spread pro-Kremlin propaganda — and they were particularly successful when impersonating fans of MAGA musician Kid Rock. Those conclusions are from a new report by the social media tracking firm Graphika and Stanford University’s Internet Observatory.

Read the Full Story Here

Sympathy, and Job Offers, for Twitter’s Misinformation Experts

(The New York Times, Monday November 28, 2022)

Disinformation became widely recognized as a significant problem in 2016, said John Kelly, who was an academic researcher at Columbia, Harvard and Oxford before founding Graphika, a social media analysis firm, in 2013. The company’s employees are known as “the cartographers of the internet age” for their work building detailed maps of social media for clients such as Pinterest and Meta.

Read the Full Story Here

Suspected Russian Plot Used Political Cartoons to Influence US Voters

(Bloomberg, Thursday November 3, 2022)

Suspected Russian Plot Used Political Cartoons to Influence US Voters Social media activity detected by Graphika Inc. tied the effort to people involved with Russia’s IRA.

Read the Full Story Here

The Most Dominant Toxic Election Narratives Online

(The New York Times, Friday September 23, 2022)

“A sense of grievance is already in place,” said Kyle Weiss, a senior analyst at Graphika, a research firm that studies misinformation and fake social media accounts. The 2020 election “primed the public on a set of core narratives, which are reconstituting and evolving in 2022.”

Read the Full Story Here

Pentagon Opens Sweeping Review of Clandestine Psychological Operations

(The Washington Post, Monday September 19, 2022)

The takedowns in recent years by Twitter and Facebook of more than 150 bogus personas and media sites created in the United States was disclosed last month by internet researchers Graphika and the Stanford Internet Observatory. 

Read the Full Story Here

How Russian Trolls Helped Keep the Women’s March Out of Lock Step

(The New York Times, Sunday September 18, 2022)

Vladimir Barash, Graphika’s chief scientist, said the pattern of interference was “strategically similar” to troll activity targeting the vast anti-Putin protests of 2011 and 2012, with sock-puppet accounts “similarly trying to hijack the conversation, sometimes succeeding.”

Read the Full Story Here

Pandemic Spurs Pushback Against Climate Change Regulations

(Coda, Monday August 29, 2022)

According to Erin McAweeney, Director of Analysis at Graphika, a network analysis firm, climate conspiracists have latched onto the global attention on climate issues to push their anti-regulation agenda.

Read the Full Story Here

Exclusive: Fake Accounts Fueled the ‘Snyder Cut’ Online Army

(Rolling Stone, Monday July 18, 2022)

“We see clear signs of coordinated online activity from May and June this year, when multiple communities pushed hashtags promoting Zack Snyder and deriding Warner Bros.,” Avneesh Chandra, a data analyst at Graphika, tells Rolling Stone.

Read the Full Story Here

VKontakte Was Created to Empower Free Speech, but It Has Instead Enabled Government Censorship and Arrests.

(Wired, Wednesday June 1, 2022)

“The leading faction in the Kremlin realized that social media was a major information channel, and then they began to try to clamp down on it,” says Vladimir Barash, chief scientist at social network analysis company Graphika.

Read the Full Story Here

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