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Graphika is a network analysis company. We bring more than 10 years of global expertise analyzing the spread of information in online spaces for world leading companies and research institutions.

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Sarah Braver

VP of People

As the VP of People for Graphika, Sarah serves as the leader of People Operations; Talent Acquisition;Organizational Development; Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging; and Talent Strategy.

Sarah spent much of the past 15 years as a Talent Consultant and People Ops Leader, partnering with organizations in their early stages to go from an "all hands" type of approach to a more strategic and effective structure. She believes in working with the future in mind, helping leaders to create and implement a strong organizational culture that withstands growing pains and necessary change.

In addition to traditional Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development work, Sarah is passionate about embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into the culture of Graphika.

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Our unique tools, in-house expertise with strong academic backgrounds, and research affiliations of our innovation and science team informs our work and is reflected in our commitment to rigor and thoroughness in the custom studies we conduct.

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